Ice Creams

Prepare Healthy And Delicious Ice Creams At Home With Soft Serve Machines

Hot summer season begins most of us opt for cool soft drinks and ice creams to overcome the heat.  Many might have the thought of taking dessert like ice-creams is not at all a good option if they are trying to lose weight. At the same time finding a person in this world who hates ice creams is extremely difficult. The history of ice cream begins from 400 BC where people of Persia used to take rape syrup poured on snow in a bowl. Nowadays ice-creams are the well known dairy food products in all part of the world. The most interesting part when it comes to history of ice-creams is Arabian’s are the first one who added milk and serve ice-creams later which becomes the world’s most famous dish.


It is true that ice-creams are one among the world’s favorite comfort food items. These days’ ice-creams are served in many flavors by adding fruits, custards, nuts, chocolates, cheese, and brownies along with eccentric flavors like wasabi, chicken, squid and bacon.  In this current world taking nutritious and delicious foods are the latest trend among the developed countries, ice-creams too not an exception for them. One can get healthy nutritious ice-creams without any added artificial ingredients. Even with the advancement of technology there are so many soft machines are available in the market from which we can make our favorite delicious ice-creams at our home. In past ice-cream preparations or recipes are carried out at commercially now with the help of ice cream makers.

In today’s market one can find lot of ice-cream makers, among those purchasing soft serve machines from legitimate sites would be the right in order to get frozen yogurt lies in smooth, creamy texture along with delicious taste.

Know More On Nutritional Significance Of Coconut Milk

Coconut products contain numerous health benefits and their importance is now becoming popular in different parts of the world. Individuals willing to gain profits from this tropical product can pay attention to the page where a lot of useful information on coconut oil and coconut milk are present and follow them properly. The chemically stable nature of coconut oil makes them resistant to oxidation and so they have a long shelf life. It is preferred in cooking.

Coconut oil is also given importance for its role in stimulating hair growth and they are chiefly used in manufacture of different types of beauty products. They are directly applied on skin for a lot of skin issues. Coconut oil is used in variety of diet and it the major oil used for cooking at tropical areas. It aids in digestion and considered as the best oil for people with cardio vascular problems. As they do not cause obesity, people trying to loss their weight can definitely add coconut oil to their diet. People can know more on advantages of coconut oil by browsing over nutrition websites and blogs in the internet.

Along with oil, milk of coconut is cherished for its multiple benefits. The coconut milk nutrition facts and composition clearly reveals on the benefits secured by people utilizing it on a regular basis. Coconut milk is good in taste and flavor and a variety or recipe can be prepared with it.

Moisturizing property of this milk has made it as a fundamental ingredient in the manufacture of lot of hair oil and cosmetic products. An antioxidant property of coconut milk reduces sagging of skin and improves vision and supports bone density. An antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral property of coconut milk supports body to fight against infection. They do not have any side effects if used directly. What’s more is expected from a tropical product to make use of!

Aloe Vera Drink – Buy At This Page

Aloe vera can do wonders for health which is the reason behind escalating demands for this organic product. Aloe vera is taken in different forms and it is most commonly used on skin. But the amazing fact is it does not stop its role with skin. Aloe vera is mainly constructed of three layers and each of them has different beneficial effects on health. As it contains more than 75 minerals and vitamins it works on different organs of health when taken internally. All the nutritional factors present in aloe vera is readily available in its juice form.

They can enhance appearance of skin which results in increased use of aloe vera in beauty and skin care industry. Taking aloe vera juice on a regular basis can bring several good effects to health. Enzymes present in it play a phenomenal role in digestion and they can also act as best anti-inflammatory agents. Its microbial property has vital effects on microorganism like bacteria, yeast and fungi.  People with ulcer problems can take the juice and get rid of their issues. Their inner sap contains laxative effects which makes aloe vera as an unavoidable laxative product in the market. Continuous intake of aloe vera juice is advisable for people with constipation problems.

It is no difficult in purchasing them as there is availability of numerous online sites offering organic aloe vera juice. If people search online they can find out amazing sites offering the drink.  Aloe vera drink free from preservative and those that are grown organically without use of fungicides and pesticides are preferred by people. Most of the reputable online sites present juice made from organic aloe vera that has no side effects. Make thorough research online and buy organic product at a considerable price to grab its benefits.


Increasing Healthy Pizza Deals And Its Demand

The real significance of healthy diet in maintaining a healthy body is at present realized by a majority of people and they like to stick on to healthy and balanced diet. It does not mean to give up desired food items like pizza. Most of the health conscious individuals avoid pizza and it gets a bad impression among them. But there are many healthy and tasty pizza recipes that are made in a simple way. Many pizza delivery shops are emerging at different parts and they present with unusual pizza recipes which are delicious and healthy. There are also great pizza deals that allow purchasing combo items at an inexpensive price.

Healthy and raw pizza recipe is becoming much popular among many people for health benefits offered by it. It is quite simple to prepare them at home. Tomato is chief ingredient of raw pizza which can fight against diverse types of cancer. Individuals taking vegetable pizza once in a week have less chances of developing colon, mouth, and lung and stomach cancer. Dough used for making raw pizza such as buckwheat has potential health benefits and it is rich in minerals like manganese. It can regulate blood sugar levels, protects cell from damage, and maintains healthy bone, and also keeps healthy nerves, in addition to enhancing perform of cardio vascular system. Pizza dough also contains high amount of antioxidants. Adding more fresh fruits and vegetable can add to benefits of pizza. Browse online and find out list of health recipe to make it from home and enjoy it.

Aloe Vera Gel

Know About The Amazing Aloe Vera Gel Benefits

A majority of people around the world are suffering with acid reflux. It is common for many people to seek natural remedy for heart burn. If common causes for heart burn are known it is very simple to prevent or treat it. In spite of preventative measures acid reflux is affecting a number of individuals around the globe. Aloe vera is found out as an effectual treatment for this complaint. Numerous benefits are rendered by it and those who prefer to use it as a treatment for acid reflux .

Individuals that desire to learn how to take aloe vera juice for acid reflux can browse online and try out at their home. It is uncomplicated to prepare aloe vera juice at home and it requires cutting of a fresh leaf and crushing it to extract its juice. Unfamiliar taste of the leaf is minimized by mixing it with apple juice, honey or even with plain water. Most significant thing to consider with this treatment is to make confirmation with a medical professional by diagnosing presence of acid reflux.  Switching to a healthy lifestyle is much beneficial to prevent heart burn and it also aids to keep body fit and shape.

The amazing aloe vera gel benefits make people to consume it on a regular basis along with usual diet and exercise.  Some of the remarkable benefits obtained by intake of this juice are as follows. They assist in process of digestion, enhance working of immune system, and eliminate poisonous substance present in the body, enrich body with various vitamins and minerals and also assure regulation of body weight and augment the energy levels. Fresh aloe is free from chemicals and pesticides and can do well in enhancing overall activities of body which stand behind their increasing demand and popularity.

Unknown Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera commonly known as the “lily of the desert” serves as the best human doctor and provides natural cure for many ailments of both internally and as well as externally in our human body. Aloe vera is one among the lily family and mostly found in African region. Because of the immense soothing and cooling attributes people from all over the world prefers Aloe Vera plant for the sunburn treatment and it is the general principles of acne diet. Apart from that it also handy when it comes to the treatment of minor wounds, cuts, and scrapes. Well these benefits are commonly known by the peoples from all part of the world.

The benefits of Aloe Vera Plants which are rarely known are..

  • Aloe Vera Gel plays a vital role in curing insect bites and also in blisters.
  • Aloe Vera Gel is the good alternative treatment for hair can scalp problems including hair loss problems.
  • Aloe Vera handy in reducing inflammation and pain caused in Dental related problems.
  • Aloe Vera rich in Vitamins A, C B12 which are good for human eyes.
  • Naturally Aloe Vera has anti-fungal properties which help on yeast infections and diaper rashes.
  • Juice of Aloe Vera is a natural diuretic and more beneficial when it comes to your weight loss.
  • Aloe Vera plays immense role in lowering high pressure.

Normally Aloe Vera juice utilized for improving human immunity system and keeping it as a regular diet it helps you to lose your over weight. In past doctors of Chinese region added pure Aloe Vera juice for treating all diseases. The juice from Aloe Vera improves blood circulation and regulates blood pressure. If one takes Aloe Vera juice along with raw fruits and vegetables then there is no doubt of keeping blood pressure under control. Are you one among those people who looks to regulate blood pressure the visit this link for more info about the high blood pressure foods to eat and not to eat.

Organic Rice

The Beginning Of Organic Rice Production In Vietnam

When it is spoken about Vietnam, the first thing that comes to mind is the fulcrum on the shoulder that Vietnamese carry on the back.  The rice basket areas, which are the Mekong in the south of Vietnam and the Red River in the north, produce huge amount of rice that nosh the rest of Vietnam. Rice in Vietnam is chiefly produced.  It is just not an auxiliary food that people eat along with other food stuff. Rice is the reason of their existence. Their food intake without rice in every meal is just impossible.  The concept of meal includes rice for a Vietnamese. This would give a clear picture of the people of Vietnam.  It is just not required for bare existence it is also required for healthy life.  Rice is the money in the traditional prospects of Vietnam.

In Vietnam you can come across organic rice production process.  This great achievement in agricultural production mainly focuses on breeding new crop varieties using the latest technology and training. Producing better quality and safe crop products is the privilege of every person.  You do want to be hale and hearty, right? Then the rice production protocol must be the first thing of consideration.  The two principal ways of producing rice are wet paddy and on dry hillsides.  In this the paddy field used for cultivation is primarily fertilized using bio-organic fertilizer. You should do all you can to produce organics. The first thing a person must do is produce without using any insecticides, chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. Paddy farming method used in organic production is administered and ascribed by international certification.  They comply with the guidelines of EU and USDA Organic Standards.  The production scales are slowly expanding and all kinds of certified organic rice such as aromatic white rice, black rice, purple rice, red rice and mixed color rice are produced in an organic manner. The paddy rice yields in an organic yield produce high tonnage per hectare but require more agro-technical staff.

The Certified Organic Foods are of great quality as it does not contain antibiotic and insecticide residue.  It is also well known fact these there are no chemical fertilizer or artificial coloring used.  Therefore they are best products which are free of addictives and preservatives. As far as the production of organic rice under the Red River Delta conditions it can be seen that the production process includes mixture of bio-fertilizers with pig-manure. The outcome of the rice is of good quality and consists of lower nitrate in it. It is also free of other chemical residues.  This is because in this process of production the bio-pesticides are used instead of the chemical pesticides.  Therefore in the residue the pest is reduced and the diseases can be reduced which otherwise a person faces in ordinary farming.  Moreover it is advantageous as the pH of the soil is improved.  The Vietnamese organic rice is recognized worldwide today. The Organic rice is now much preferred by global consumers.  Thanks to improved technology that the environment is protected to a larger extent and people are consuming safely produced consumables.

What Can Go Wrong When You Go Raw?

A controversial subject within the raw community, the possibility of developing various nutritional deficiencies has often discouraged raw foodists from embracing the full potential of raw foods. A great deal of individuals may unfortunately take on an “all or nothing” attitude, whereby the failure of a fully raw and vegan menu to satisfy their dietary needs means that raw foodism simply doesn’t work.

However, nutrient deficiencies typically affect all kinds of people spanning all sorts of diets, and may also affect raw foodists. This is usually because most people who aren’t doctors or nutritionists don’t really know exactly what their bodies need and in what proportions. Most people believe that if they eat a varied enough diet, they will eventually draw in all of the essential nutrients, but when you aren’t sure what you should be eating, it is easy to leave out nutrient groups that you may not even be aware of.

Moreover, deficiencies aren’t always caused by not having enough nutrients. In fact, they can occur when we consume too much of one nutrient, when we have been exposed to dangerous chemicals, when we are taking medication, when we are stressed or when we have a weakened immunity.

According to statistical data, the nutrients in which most people in the developed world, irrespective of their diets, are deficient in include calcium, fiber, iron, omega-3, vitamin B-12 and water. Fortunately, all of these nutrients can actually be obtained from a high raw diet, if we plan our meals accordingly and pay attention to what we eat.

Making Cooking Fun and Easy With Smart Ovens

Cooking is an art which all mothers are good at. Be it making pizza, or cake or cooking some tasty international cuisine, you can do it all easily with the help of ovens these days. The oven these days are not mere oven, they offer more than they did years ago. From digital technology, where setting the time, temperature, alarm is so easy; cooking food becomes so easy with oven. The oven these days come with so many varieties and facilities that cooking become more of fun than a long challenge. Gone are the days when one had to spend hours in kitchen to cook food, now with oven things are way easy and simpler.

With the new features available these days, trying new dishes is not a big challenge, you can focus more on flavors and right ingredient mix, and leave the cooking part on oven, as all job from setting the cooking time, setting the temperature is all done manually. The smart oven these days are your best companion in kitchen.

Find the Best Smart Ovens At One Place

If you are planning to buy a new smart oven, which perfectly suits your need than you have to first understand what are the different ovens that are available in market? what are the features that would suit your need and at the same time ensure what is the amount you are willing to spend?

Talking about the quality, if you prefer good quality then buying it is worth the deal, as good quality products might come little costlier than lower quality products but in long run, considering the quality service it provides and the life of the product, buying high quality product turns out to be a fair deal. You can check the link to find best ovens at one stop. The link would save your store to store search and help you make your decision of buying the best oven.

Safe and Best Way to Enlarge Your Manhood

Characteristic penis augmentation is a typical concern among numerous men. Most men have an enthusiasm toward a bigger penis, yet not to the degree that they would experience surgery or take extraordinary measures.

In today’s reality, sexual execution is a sympathy toward a number of us. Numerous variables can influence sexual execution and the strength of the penis even many uses penis extender for attaining bigger manhood. Eating regimen and pharmaceutical can result in men to encounter beneath ordinary sexual execution.

This worry among men is not vain. It is typical to be concerned with the wellbeing and health of your body, including your sexual wellbeing. Making moves to regularly enhance your sexual prosperity is the first stop in accomplishing the sexual health you covet.

Diet and Sexual Health

As you know, eating methodology can assume a huge part in the general strength of the entire body. When we encourage the body legitimate sustenance, it will perform better. This incorporates sexually. Eating methodology may be a helping element to low charisma, poor execution and penis size.

Exchanging to an eating regimen that is based around all-regular sustenances is a key segment in sexual prosperity. Dispose of refined nourishments, meat, dairy and anything transformed. Adding crude leafy foods to your eating methodology will help to wash down the body and permit it to capacity all the more productively.

Squeezing is a useful approach to get the vegetable nourishment you require. Take a stab at adding crude vegetable juices to your every day diet. Some incredible green vegetables to incorporate are:

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Celery
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro

By squeezing, you are including solid, entire nourishment to your body. Besides, green sustenance’s are very purifying and can help in detoxifying the body and the blood.

Health Food Restaurants And Cafes In The U.S.

While modern life has been marred by the introduction of unhealthy fast food stands, Kevin Gianni and his wife Anne Marie journeyed across the country to locate raw, organic, vegetarian and vegan restaurants. 9 of them drew their attention in particular.

Chocola Tree is a refreshing cafe in Sedona, Arizona, that offers the freshest of foods, many grown in their own organic garden. Some of the locals have even dubbed this shop a “little piece of rawsomeness!”

Bloodroot is a unique feminist vegetarian restaurant in Bridgeport, Connecticut, opened over 30 years ago by Selma Miriam and Noel Furie. While growing their own produce to offer only the best assortment of organic, vegan and raw foods, the owners have also opened a feminist bookstore, only to bring the best of both feminism and healthy dieting.

Karma Road is located in New Paltz, New York and is owned by organic food loving couple, Jenn and Seth, who have managed to blend their appreciation for nature with their passion for cooking. Their menus are made of entirely pesticide-free, all natural dishes that will leave your mouth watering.

Au Lac can be found in Fountain Valley, California and offers an appetizing range of vegetarian dishes. Owner Mai Nguyen teamed up with Chef Ito and coined the term “humanese”, aiming to create an atmosphere that invites to philosophical reflections on how nutrition can benefit both the body and the mind.

Real Food Daily is a vegan restaurant opened both in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Initially a home catering company opened by Ann Gentry in 1988, Real Food daily now offers delish raw vegan meals that will please any palate.

Help Yourself is a diverse eatery in Key West, Florida, that caters to the tastes of any client. From raw vegan dishes to tasty meals that include meat and animal by-products, their menus all come form 100% organic and safely grown produce.

Cafe Gratitude is managed by environmentalists Matthew and Terces Engelhart who believe that human nutrition should both cleanse the body and protect nature that nourishes us. 5 very popular locations can be found in the state of California.

Manzanita is situated in Oakland, California and provides delicious raw, vegan and organic meals. The owners are health oriented and interested in bringing the best and most natural products available, to your table.

The Living Light Culinary Arts Institute is an amazing cooking school aiming to promote the benefits of natural food preparation that also hosts a raw vegan cafe. Owner Cherie Soria makes use of only natural, unaltered products to prepare each menu item.

Exotic Pili Nuts

Polynesian Pili nuts are exotic products that pack a serious punch when it comes to nutritional value, and are cherished by health food specialists all over the world. When blended, these lovely nuts have a creamy and smooth consistency due to their high oil content.

They are native to the Philippines and have been used historically as a food source by indigenous people, yet have only recently become commercially cultivated. They generally have a nutty flavor reminiscent of almonds, and can provide an important supply of essential fats, proteins and many vital minerals, supporting cardiovascular function, healthy muscle tissue and helping to regulate the body’s internal environment.

These incredibly versatile nuts can be added to green smoothies and desserts, seriously enhancing their healing and tonifying effects on the body, while giving them great consistency. As they have the highest oil content of any known nut, they should not be consumed in great quantities at once. Pili nuts can be ground into a buttery sauce that hardens when left in the refrigerator. If you grind them without removing the outer skins, the butter you obtain will be brown like chocolate and will have the consistency of chocolate spread.

Pili nuts can also be added to countless desserts and may replace other nuts and almonds for a higher nutrient content and a richer taste. Their important complete protein content makes them a great addition to a vegan diet, while they can be incorporated into any bakery product to improve taste and texture.

Raw pili nuts can also have purgative effects, which makes them especially beneficial during a detox, as they can help flush out toxins and ease digestion.

Herbs and Spices

Ways For Enhancing Manhood Thing

Natural manhood enlargement is a common concern among many men. Most men have an interest in a larger penis, but not to the extent that they would undergo surgery or take drastic measures. In today’s world, sexual performance is a concern for many of us. Many factors can affect sexual performance and the health of the penis. Diet and medication can cause men to experience below normal sexual performance. This concern among men isn’t vain. It’s traditional to be troubled with the health and health of your body, together with your sexual health. Taking steps to naturally improve your sexual well being is that the 1st stop in achieving the sexual health you need.

As you recognize, diet will play an outsized role within the overall health of the complete body. After we feed the body correct nutrition, it’ll perform higher. This includes sexually. Diet could also be a causative issue to low concupiscence, poor performance and phallus size. Switch to a diet that’s primarily based around all-natural foods may be a key element in sexual well being. Eliminate refined foods, meat, farm and something processed. Adding raw fruits and vegetables to your diet can facilitate to cleanse the body and permit it to operate a lot of expeditiously.

Sexual Health And Dieting Tips

Juicing is a helpful way to get the vegetable nutrition adding raw green vegetable juices which are listed below to your daily diet will operates efficiently. Some great green vegetables to include are:

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Celery
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro

Modern Medications

Certain medications are coupled to sexuality in men. If you browse the warning labels and facet effects of the many pharmaceuticals, low physical attraction is commonly listed. Whereas we have a tendency to don’t advocate discontinuing medications while not consulting your Doctor Initial, we have a tendency to do advocate living a healthier manner to avoid having to require prescription medications within the initial place. If you’re presently taking one amongst these prescription medications, this might be the explanation for your sexual frustrations. Speak with a medical skilled before discontinuing medications.

You can naturally enlarge your penis safely and naturally though powerful penis extender available in current market!

Conventional Cooking

How one can get idea of different cooking technology

Today there are different types of cooking methods that can be achieved with the help of ovens. The different cooking methods are useful in their own way, and all are having some difference. So, it’s up to which dish you wish to prepare, and this will decide the technique that you should adapt. So, here are some points which would help to get the actual Convection vs. Steam vs. Infrared Cooking.

Difference between different types of cooking

The three techniques which are very useful and can help to make cooking enjoyable are steam, convection and infrared. But all the three techniques are different from each other. The steam cooking is done with the help of water where the heat of water would help to prepare the food. The convection is used to cook the food with the help of fan and heat produced by it.  This cooking would give the even cooking form all side but not good to have good health. This cooking requires less time and also you are required to preheat the oven before placing anything inside. Same is the case with steam cooking that also required that water gets heated up and after that you are required to put items in the heat. It shows that this cooking requires time but when wishing to have instant cooking go for infrared cooking. This cooking is done with the infrared technology where the rays from all the sides would help to cook food. This cooking is best when you wish to make any fast food item as pizzas or toast.

The above points show the Convection vs. Steam vs. Infrared Cooking but in all the three one can have their favorite food. All are important in their place, and all are equally important. These are the reason that oven that offer all the cooking is more preferred by people.


Preserve your food for long time

Most of them find ways to preserve food for long time without losing any nutrients or flavours from it and want to avoid food from micro-organism and bacteria. You can preserve food for long time with various methods that include pickling, canning, refrigerating, drying and pasteurizing. Most of them choose food drying as an effective method for preserving food for long time. When any food is dried it avoids bacteria to be attacked and keeps the food nutrients in a better way. For this, a dehydrator is been used so that moisture of the food is removed.

The technology has increased a lot and lot of such devices is coming up with advanced methods. You will find various food dehydrators that make use of dry and hot air which circulates in the racks of the food that ultimately reduces the water content in the food. You will find two kinds of food dehydrators, one method is wherein the heat air is circulated all over the food which is really effective and the other process is that the heat will be passed from the bottom of the dehydrator till the top of the rack, so you need to keep rolling the bottom food so that it is not burned a lot.

You need to search for the best food dehydrators that are made available online. To choose a best one you need to make comparison between different types of food dehydrators. Most of them are now choosing this option for drying the food. You can get a perfect one for your kitchen by reading reviews of each dryer and look for the main advantages that are provided by them. You should be able to make out the best food dehydrators that are available in various websites and choose one among them for your kitchen. Now, drying food is very simply with such heating instruments.

Dry fruit

Healthy alternatives to refined sugar

We all wonder that how dried fruit help us, how do they add to our diet or why should we even have them. They are considered to be one of the best satisfying sweet craving ways. Having them is itself taking it many nutrients. They also add lot of vitamins in our body. They are considered to be a better choice than any sugar rich dish or meals like chocolate. Formally saying, they make a balanced diet. And it’s easy to take dried fruit in our daily lifestyle.

The healthiest fruits around us

  • Mango
  • Apricot
  • Cherry
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Plum
  • Raisin
  • Fig

When we count on all, they all have their peculiarity to support the feature of being healthiest. For say, Mango has many nutrients which are good for our skin and health, like vitamin A, C and E and also fatty acids. Cherry is known to be an antioxidant super fruit. It has nutrients like fiber, folic acid and carotene.

On the other hand, figs never lose their potency. They have potassium, folic acid and iron in them. At the same time, they are very delicious too. Apples are phytonutrients by which they help to get rid of cancers in our body. Raisins are the sweet little fiber rich fruits. They are one of the fruits which are fat free.

Like many others, Pear is rich in fiber and vitamin C while plums help in digestive system regulation.

Imagine these fruit intake on a daily basis and how rich your body will feel. The digestive problems to heath skin problems will be curbed and soon you’ll be feeling fresh. Researchers have shown that having dried fruit in our diet makes us healthier and fit. They have the knack to fight our body to get it straight.

Is A Raw Food Diet Really Better For You Than One Based Upon Cooked Foods?

It’s not really “raw” that tends to make the diet healthier, it is raw, vegan (meat and dairy-free), organic, gluten-free, and gmo-free that is said to make up the “healthy” components of a diet.

Eliminating processed foods, meat and dairy can certainly give the body a bit of a “break” and allow it to cleanse more thoroughly. Lighter foods should digest easier, plus allow the nutrients to assimilate better. Raw vegan foods provide that, especially when blending them into green smoothies or juicing them. Smoothies will retain the fiber and some say the antioxidants as well, but juicing allows for even more assimilation of nutrients.

Organic is probably obvious, as there are less chemicals in the food to ingest.

GMO foods are genetically modified, and the experts suggest that, for example, seedless fruit, being genetically modified to become “seedless”, are in fact “sterile”. And, if we are what we eat, these sterile foods are slowly-but-surely rendering humans “sterile”.
The “raw” factor comes into play because heat is said to destroy nutrients and enzymes. Enzymes are necessary for digestion. If they are not present the body must use its own and the “enzyme bank account” can and will empty over time. The body’s store of enzymes should be better left to do their “beautifying” tasks instead.

Nutrients in food are clearly important. They help cleanse and nourish the body in innumerable ways. So, it stands to reason that if eliminating them from foods, we are just getting “full” but not getting “nourished”. And as mentioned, lighter foods will allow for more assimilation of these nutrients.

As far as deficiencies go, plant foods, seeds, sprouts, nuts, algaes, pollens, seaweeds etc. have been proven to cover the gambit of all known micro and macro nutrients that the body is said to need. For example, B12 is said to be available in chlorella. Protein is available in greens. Healthy fats can be found in nuts, and DHA, an essential fat, can be found in certain algaes.

Best Cincinnati Criminal Attorney

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