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Is A Raw Food Diet Really Better For You Than One Based Upon Cooked Foods?

It’s not really “raw” that tends to make the diet healthier, it is raw, vegan (meat and dairy-free), organic, gluten-free, and gmo-free that is said to make up the “healthy” components of a diet. Eliminating processed foods, meat and dairy can certainly give the body a bit of a “break” and allow it to cleanse [...]

Ice Creams

Prepare Healthy And Delicious Ice Creams At Home With Soft Serve Machines

Hot summer season begins most of us opt for cool soft drinks and ice creams to overcome the heat.  Many might have the thought of taking dessert like ice-creams is not at all a good option if they are trying to lose weight. At the same time finding a person in this world who hates [...]


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