Three Day Raw Detox

3-Day Raw Detox

The 3-day detox is probably the most popular type of cleanse out there, and it is especially suited for individuals who are not used to long periods of regular fasting. Most people use a light, three-day detox as a way of prepping the body for a complete diet change, or for a longer, more profound detox that may take up to several weeks. There are plenty of versions to be considered, each meant to address a certain type of person, and that can achieve different levels of detoxification. For maximum effect, a 3-day raw vegan detox can purify the body from the inside out, and restore natural, radiant health. Moreover, brief detox routines are an excellent way to boost organ activity (which is especially true for the organs naturally involved in keeping the body free of toxins – such as the kidneys, liver, colon, lungs and skin), protect against free radicals, rejuvenate all of the body’s systems and enhance the production of new cells, for an overall feeling of wellness.

You’re probably wondering if a 3-day raw detox is what you need. Many individuals go through periods when they feel they are low on energy, cannot concentrate and become fatigued faster than normal. This can be a result of stress, inadequate diets, pollution, heavy metals accumulating in the body, or other factors. Before opting for one 3-day raw cleanse or another, take a couple of days to prepare yourself and to find out what to expect during and after the detox. To get on any raw detox, you will need a good juicer and a blender, though no other “raw appliances” are really needed at this time.

Once you’ve educated yourself, lay down a shopping list containing all the items of food you plan to consume over the 3-day detox. One way to go at this is to gradually cut out certain foods from your menu, and replace them with water, fresh fruit juice and only raw meals. You will need to stock your fridge with greens, fruits and fresh herbs.

Beginner Detox – Day One

On the first day, replace coffee, tea, alcohol and carbonated drinks with plenty of water and homemade fruit juice. Have a light breakfast, consisting of one or two fruits, and, for lunch, blend a raw spinach and zucchini soup, with onion, celery stalks, avocado and cilantro leaves. This way, you will not only purify the body, but also give it a significant load of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients that are essential to health. If you get hungry in-between meals, or just feel the need for a quick snack, go for a small green smoothie with blueberries, mint and parsley. For dinner, try a vegetable salad with raw olive oil and plenty of greens.

Beginner Detox – Day Two

On the second day, repeat this same routine, only this time replace the salad you had for dinner with a tall glass of cucumber, apple and kale juice.

Beginner Detox – Day Three

On the third and final day of this progressive detox, replace the breakfast as well with a glass of apple, celery, lemon and kale juice. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated!

Advanced 3 Day Detox

Another, more advanced type of detox is a three day juice fast. Since this regime has you avoiding all solid foods, it can be difficult to take for an untrained body, and that’s why you should spend a couple of days to prepare by consuming only raw fruits and vegetables. The secret to a successful three day juice fast is in the way you mix the various fruits and vegetables. As a general rule, any fruits other than apples should not be mixed with vegetables while on this fast. Try consuming warm lemon juice, as well as juices made of green leafy vegetables, which are renowned detoxifiers and can provide all the nutrients you need. Foods high in fiber can be consumed before and after the fast, so as to encourage the colon to cleanse, but not during the fast. To avoid protein deficiency, you can also consume Spirulina supplements. As a word of precaution, this type of detox is not recommended for everyone, and if you have little or no experience with raw vegan dieting, you should not jump straight into it, and definitely discuss your plan with a qualified practioner before doing so.

However, if you’re up to it, the benefits of a deep cleanse can be truly remarkable, in that it can optimize metabolic processes, train the body to use energy efficiently and repel toxins. Whichever type of diet you eventually opt for, make sure that you’re not stressing your body too much with a radical regime that you’re simply not ready for. Take baby steps in achieving vibrant health, and you will certainly see results!

Moving On From A Three Day Cleanse

If you are feeling energized and excited to move forward, consider one of the following raw food diet plans for further cleansing and detoxification and the additional health promoting properties that raw foods deliver:

  • Joy Houston’s Rocking Body Raw Food Diet – this links to a review for the video-supported, dieting and wellness program, Rocking Body Raw Food Diet, that lasts 14 days and is based on the consumption of raw produce.
  • Laura-Jane’s The Raw Food Diet Plan – a 30-day raw food ‘walk-through’, bringing you through the process day to day, complete with raw shopping lists, daily menus, and a bunch of other stuff.
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